I have been thinking about Alexander Pierce a lot recently, and I figured something out.  He is is a brilliant manipulator and a highly skilled tactician. Okay, that is not news, but consider this. 

  • The attack on Fury he sets in motion minutes to hours before it happens. For an attack that large, with that many assets and different strategies involved, it had to have been in planning for some time.  
  • The attack on Cap in the elevator happens in the elevator as he is leaving Pierce’s office.  Cap left the office, Pierce texted Sitwell or Rumlow, and they were off and running with an attack that had clearly been thought out and planned. In fact, they had to have been waiting on the go order.  
  • This is the part I really love.  In the end, Pierce maneuvers the World Security Council into launching Insight, and making it look like he lost, like he had been out-maneuvered and he was going to have to do this against his will. Why is this important?  Think about what would have happened if Insight had succeeded.  Millions of people would have been dead before some power managed to blast them out of the sky.  Who would have been left holding the bag?  The Council members.  Pierce was on record as not wanting to launch it, as being the last voice of reason before the Council members (now war criminals) took action.  Heck, even those little badges he gives them that are deadly burn-through-your-sternum things were probably there so that when everything went “bad”, he could arrest them. He would have been left the hero (ready to decline another Peace Prize) and they would have been criminals. 

The man is brilliant.  

he’s like if Light Yagami had grown up


these little brains, so angry all the time!

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Bucky Talking Through Captain America Films: A Compilation



Make me choose.

Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans - requested by anonymous.

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He just moved here from 1943.

"If you’re from 1943, then why aren’t you old?"

"Oh my god, Bruce, you can’t just ask people why they’re not old!"

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Daily reminder that the first time we see Bucky and Natasha on anything close to a date they’re cuddling on the couch in ugly pjs and watching the news


This scene is so important,

I understand why it can feel like a let-down, especially when you compare it to the flashback scenes in both CA #27 and in the Winter Soldier series. Because yes, those scenes are sexy and romantic and dramatic and I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely love them. So yeah, this is more boring that climbing through windows for secret rendezvous but it is also free of the paranoia and fear that forced them to make those rendezvous secret.

This normalcy - the same sort of thing we do with our significant others all the time - this is something neither one of them thought they’d ever get to experience with the other. There is no Winter Soldier or Black Widow here. No Department X & Red Room and no S.H.I.E.L.D. and no Avengers. This is this the first time that they can simply be Natalia and James with each other and that is why this scene is so important.

Thank you! That’s exactly why I love this scene so much!

For more normalcy in fictional romances! \o/

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he’s not in control. and he’d hate that more than anything.

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You’ve got this.
…You always did impress me.

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…I need a happy scene. Why am I doing this

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