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31st August 2012

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Once upon a time I went to the Medusa Cascade with Ten live on national TV.
Meanwhile Eleven and Sally Sparrow got send back in time by the Wheeping Angels. The end.

I met the Face of Boe with the Tardis inside the Tardis…. sounds familiar.

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    Once upon a time I defeated River Song on Christmas while the Master and a Dalek painted the TARDIS pink…Those crafty...
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    Once upon a time I crash the TARDIS with Jack in the console room meanwhile Jackie and river were fluffing the doctors...
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    Once upon a time, I went to the Beatles concert with Master and then I regenerated. Meanwhile Amy and Dalek got send...
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    once upon a time I visited the medusa cascade with eleven while orbiting a supernova. meanwhile jack and the tartis were...
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    Once upon a time, I got a boner because 11 and loved it, meanwhile, 9 and a dalek were preparing their wedding. The End....
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    Once upon a time, I explored a new planet with the Master and I regenerated. Meanwhile, River Song and a Dalek partied...
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    Once upon a time I visited Shakespeare with Rory, and it was awesome. Meanwhile, Mickey and Amy painted the TARDIS pink....
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    Once upon a time I explored a new plant with the Tenth Doctor on Christmas. Meanwhile, Rose and Jack Harkness painted...
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    Once upon a time, I ran (with) Mickey while orbiting a supernova. Meanwhile, Captain Jack and Rory were creating a...
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    Once upon a time, I solved a murder mystery about Nine with a Silurian. Meanwhile, Rose and Amy Pond painted the TARDIS...
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