I have been getting a few questions about how I made my Pitch robe and what pattern I used and because I didn’t use any pattern really I kind of want to tell you what I did to make my own. (with a crappy illustration by me)

This turned out longer than I thought, but here we go…

To get started with the pattern I used newspaper, pinned it on my dress orm and sketched the back pieces (I) and (II) on it. If you don’t have a dress form, you can sketch the whole thing (using your waist and shoulder measurements) on the table or the floor cut it out roughly and get somebody to hold it onto your body or the person who the robe is for (if you wear tight fitting clothing you can even carefully pin it onto that) and see if the shape fits.

For the front piece (III) I copied the seams that connect to (II) (side and shoulder) and took half of the waist measurement for the width and then you just have to determine how far down you want the neckline to go and match them up. I guess you could go straight down from the there or flare it out towards the bottom.

For the sleeves I just took a sweater or something I don’t even know and copied the pattern from there for it. I suggest sewing the sleeves a bit wider at first and then you can always go back and make them as fitting as you want before putting them on the robe.

For this all to work you have to leave plenty of seam allowance, because even if you have a dress form it will most likely not fit like you want it to at first, but while it’s easier to make it tighter, it’s hard to make it wider if there is no seam allowance. It will also make it easier to fit the sleeves around the armpit if you have a bit more fabric to play with.

As for the length of the robe… I really just winged that. The pattern reached maybe to around my knees and then I just sketched onto the fabric for another 2-3ft or so and that’s how it ended up so long.

Lining: My robe is lined in the front and back but not in the sleeves and also not completely to the bottom. The lining stops around the hips. If you want to line it or just hem it, is really up to you. To make the lining pieces just copy the fabric pieces and shorten them enough. My sleeves were really tight to begin with so I didn’t want to put another layer of fabric in there.

Closure: I used corset hooks but let me tell you that is a pain. If you want a robe like this not for cosplay but for day wear or something I would suggest do something else. Let the front pieces overlap a little and do buttons, it’s a lot easier with the patterning, because it took me a whole evening to get the front pieces to the correct width so I could do a closure like that without the robe being too tight or too loose.

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